Effects of Media Diversity

The current diversity is not leading toward more inclusion, it is leading toward more division. A person can live happily in a group of programs that reinforce their own world view. Diversity in our communication system is increasing, it is not bringing people together, it is splitting them apart. I no longer have to hear your viewpoint because our communication experience no longer has to be the same.

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Mueller Report by the Numbers

Anyone looking through the report is struck by the number of redactions. It as been the source of news coverage and comedy. The next section looks at the distribution of the redactions. First, most of the redactions occur in the first of three parts including Part 1 concentrating on conspiracy claims (199 pages), Part 2 concentrating on obstruction of justice (182 pages) and Appendices (39 pages excluding header and blank pages).

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Why do external evaluations?

The role of the external evaluator is much like a financial auditor. The auditor makes sure the money is spent appropriately. The external evaluator checks to see if the money is spent effectively. Evaluation reports inform the team, suggests an improvement, and justifies the use of resources.

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Reporting Data Journalism

The polls have taken a huge hit in the past, especially since the 2016 election that correctly predicted the popular vote for Clinton but failed to predict the electoral college victory of Trump. The tend has only been exasperated by bad methodology and push polling.

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Song Lyric Statistics

Lies, Dam Lies, and Statistics. We have heard it so many times – mainly from people trying to make a joke to cover their own numerical discomfort. I will admit that statistics can be used to lie. Sometimes the numbers are just completely made up. Sometimes, the numbers are intentionally misrepresented. The statistics are used […]

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Evaluating PreK Programs

There is no such thing as a perfect evaluation study. While looking for the effect of a preK program, it is useful to consider normally accepted limitations. The post looks at some of the normal issues in particular a project in Tennessee that did not support long term effects.

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The Leader in Me

Until recently, I was involved in the assessment of the Leader In Me (LIM) program of the Acadiana region of Louisiana.  For those of you that are not aware, The LIM is an initiative for schools to introduce positive behavior developed by Franklin Covey.  It is essentially the elementary program of the seminal Seven Habits […]

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