The Digital Vast Wasteland

Every once in a while, I see a meme suggesting that demanding parents made kids better and more likely to act responsibly.  Maybe the media industry is feeling the effect of lack of thought leadership.  My personal hero is a man named Newton Minnow. He had just become chair of the Federal Communications Commission, so […]

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The New Normal

We may no longer be willing to go back to pre-COVID relationships to our media, education, and work. It is time to think about the need for change based on willingness to use new media skills.

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COVID Effects in North Carolina

The United Way of North Carolina has released three new regional and demographic subgroups.  These reports from the COVID-19 Survey.  With more than 8,000 respondents, the survey enlightens policy to help people still affected by the pandemic and extended shutdowns’ economic impacts. The report concentrate on financial stability, health, and education effects. The reports highlight the […]

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Ebook Marketplace

Authors have many choices today. Models include self publishing, direct to distributor, subscription services, publisher wholesale, or publisher agency models – each holding advantages and disadvantages. Such deals can be shaped by negotiations with the distributors or by the type of book.

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Understanding COVID-19 Variables

It helps to start with a mental model of the variables and how they relate to one another. If you remember your grade school math, you might remember the Venn diagram. Basically, a person must be part of the potentially exposed group to contract the virus.   Among those that contract, some will have severe symptoms, […]

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Using the Correct Numbers

As a qualitative analysis guy, people assume I live and die by statistics.  The problem is that quantitative analysis can mislead if you use the numbers incorrectly.  It is essential that the person using statistics think carefully about the purpose of the measure and what they really represent.  It is easy to draw a misleading […]

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