COVID Effects in North Carolina

The United Way of North Carolina has released three new regional and demographic subgroups.  These reports from the COVID-19 Survey.  With more than 8,000 respondents, the survey enlightens policy to help people still affected by the pandemic and extended shutdowns’ economic impacts. The report concentrate on financial stability, health, and education effects.

The reports highlight the differential effects of COVID.  While nearly all households were experiencing some effects of COVID, families previously in need are impacted much more.  For example, some of the findings in these reports.

  • Households below the NC Self Sufficiency Standard were nearly three times more likely to face eviction or foreclosure and twice as likely to experience job loss.
  • Significantly more single-parent families lived in homes without internet after the pandemic.
  • More than half of the homes with children had to buy technology to adapt to distance learning and remote work.  At the same time, well more than one-third had to purchase computers, tablets or cell phones. 
  • Two-thirds of Hispanic households experienced a disruption in child care which could have affected work. 
  • The Lumber River United Way serves  Robeson County – home to a large population of Native Americans.  Respondents in this region revealed that 18% had no home internet. 

There is no one simple fix to the aftereffects of COVID.  These reports highlight the differences across the state and help identify challenges unique to each area.  United Ways across the state can use the information to react more effectively to their service area. 

The United Way of North Carolina is the most recent of three states to finish COVID Survey evaluation. The Modern Metrics Barn has assembled reports from Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina into one location.

Please view all the reports and feel free to ask questions. 

Steven Dick, 812-618-2188,

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