Evaluating PreK Programs

There is no such thing as a perfect evaluation study. While looking for the effect of a preK program, it is useful to consider normally accepted limitations. The post looks at some of the normal issues in particular a project in Tennessee that did not support long term effects.

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The Leader in Me

Until recently, I was involved in the assessment of the Leader In Me (LIM) program of the Acadiana region of Louisiana.  For those of you that are not aware, The LIM is an initiative for schools to introduce positive behavior developed by Franklin Covey.  It is essentially the elementary program of the seminal Seven Habits […]

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Human Factors of Ebooks

The idea of distributing books in digital form is as old the computer communication itself. Even slower transmission speeds, book–length files could be distributed without unnecessary delay or cost.  The goal was to free the publishing industry from paper while expanding the audience of books. While ebooks have become an important part of the publishing industry, adoption of ebooks has fallen far short of expectation amid competing formats, devices, and business models. […]

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Surveys and the 2016 election

In 1986, I presented my thesis research to the Midwest Association of Public Opinion Research (MAPOR). I had done a national online survey well before the widespread use of the Internet. While I felt laughed out of the room for even attempting the method, I caught the notice of Ph.D. selection committees. It was probably […]

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Meeting People In Zanzibar

In Africa, I was clearly an outsider. It may be my face, clothing, or the fact that I don’t understand the simplest things. It is clear that I am from somewhere else. A FaceBook friend of my age told me I was crazy to be here. He was apparently shot here when in the military. […]

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